Our School

The Northern Wushu Kung Fu Institute in Philadelphia was founded in 2006 by Hai Shan Rucker.

Through systematic, progressive, and profound training methods, the Northern Wushu Kung Fu Institute teaches ancient and contemporary traditional Chinese martial arts (wushu/kung fu). We hope to advance human culture and well-being, through the use of mind, body, and spirit expansion techniques. The system of wushu has been engineered from ancient times, with the goal of propelling an individual towards enlightenment. Accordingly, our program is predicated upon nurturing the ideal that the human potential is limitless and available to all mankind.

Students in our program routinely perform demos throughout the city, for organizations like the Department of Recreation, the Philadelphia 76ers, school talent shows, and various community venues.

Kung fu study is in-depth, advanced, and typically far too expensive for the working and lower class populations. We offer affordable pricing, and scholarships are available.

One only has to walk through the doors to join our family, where the benefits will be self evident and cultivated by an attentive teacher. Classes are offered to all who wish to make themselves better through martial training.