Instructor Bio

Hai Shan (Hasan) Rucker is the founder and head instructor of the Northern Wushu Kung Fu Institute in Philadelphia. He has extensively studied, trained in, and promoted traditional and contemporary wushu, both internal and external styles, as well as qigong and meditation. Hai Shan is commonly called “Hai Shan Laoshi” out of respect and the school’s moral and ethical structuring. Laoshi, or “teacher,” is an honorable title and must not be taken lightly. (In wushu, any teacher is also valued as a parental figure.)


  • B.S. in Kinesiology – Exercise Physiology, from West Chester University, West Chester, PA
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)
  • Attended Zhao Chang Jun Wushu Boarding School, in Xian, China
  • Certified 1st class wushu judge and instructor, Zhao Chang Jun Wuguan
  • Certified 1st class martial artist, Chinese Great Dragon Tai Chi-Kung Fu Institute
  • Certified Mind & Body Instructor and Trainer,  American Aerobic Association International (AAAI) and International Sports Medicine Association (ISMA)
  • Certified Health and Fitness Personal Trainer, AAAI & ISMA
  • Certified Tai Chi Fitness Instructor, AAAI & ISMA
  • Certified Yoga Instructor , AAAI & ISMA

Hai Shan Laoshi is the first and currently the only American from the Philadelphia area, and one of a handful of students nationwide, to study extensively at Zhao Chang Jun‘s Wushu Xue Yuan (Institute) in Xian, China. His tenure there also gave him proficiency at speaking Mandarin Chinese, in order to correctly translate wushu theory, imagery, and techniques. Hai Shan Laoshi is also the only “closed door” disciple, Chinese or American, of 70 year old Liang Hua Hai, a Grandmaster of Taijiquan, Neigong, and internal wushu. Grandmaster Liang comes from a strong lineage of Shanghai wushu and Taijiquan masters.

To learn more about Hai Shan Laoshi’s biography and travels to China, see the article, “A Real Karate Kid: Hasan Rucker” in Kung Fu Magazine’s e-zine publication. (Click here to download a printable PDF.)

Hai Shan Laoshi is proficient in all of the major competitive (Jing Ji) styles and weaponry used in standard competitive tournament (Jing Sai) wushu. His traditional training falls into 4 categories:

  1. Fo Jiao (Buddhist Chinese) wushu – Internal and external styles originating from the original Song Shan Shaolin temple.
  2. Hui Jiao (Islamic Chinese) wushu – Internal and external styles originating along the silk road moving into China from west to east through the north.
  3. Dao Jiao (Taoist) wushu and Nei Gong – Chinese-originated philosophical system with strong roots all over China. Laoshi’s connection is with the internal Wudang mountain, Shandong and Shanghai lineages.
  4. Zhonguo Jun ji Cheng di Quan – Chinese military police boxing.

Hai Shan Laoshi’s main wushu instructors were:

  • Zhang Xichuan
  • Zhao Chang Jun
  • Instructors at Zhao Chang Jun Wushu Xue Yuan: Ma Yuan, Ma Bo, Liu Guan Fan, Liu Zhi Cao (monkey king), Gou Shao Hui, and He Me
  • Liang Hua Hai
  • Special seminars with World Champion Hu Jian Qiang, Ma Zhenbang (9th dan) and Jiang Ke Jian (9th dan)

Hai Shan Laoshi continues to study, research, and promote wushu, traditional Chinese medicine, and meditation as a lifestyle choice for the betterment of all humanity.